1957. The Four Wheel Auto Drive Company (FWD) fire pumper parked in front of the

St. Anthony Village Fire Station. Model S-1000, 1000 Gallon per minute pump, 500 Gallon water tank, International RD-501 6 cylinder engine.

*The only difference between this FWD truck and the 1956 is:

1) 1957 - Siren mounted on top of hood, 1956 mounted on left front wheel fender.

2) 1957 - Red revolving light fixture on top of cab had a chrome plate mounted over the top, 1956 didn't.

3) 1957 - Mud Flap 'Stay Back 500 Feet' mounted to rear tailboard, 1956 didn't.

4) 1957- 1,000 Gallon per minute pump, 1956 only a 750 Gallon per minute pump.

Otherwise, both trucks were identical and roared when going up a hill.

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